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Updated 09-05-12 at 1:00 AM EST

Starting as of now I will be taking commissions, simply contact me, and we can organize a project to be done. In addition, I've been programming the next version of my website, which will feature a javascript engine that I designed, as well as a more profesional domain, Please stay tuned for more.

- Alain Galvan


Updated 08-11-12 at 1:00 AM EST

The summer is almost done, and though I managed to get a lot done in regards to the projects I'm working on, it's too soon to release alphas of the games in development. The album that will be included with the game already has a few singles available on Soundcloud for those who want to listen, and the full album for these games will be available on Bandcamp once it is finished.

I'll be studying Computer Science, so I can better improve my game making programming skills, and get more experience in more complex programming techniques. I also intend to study more languages so I can bring localizations of content to other countries, as well as Art and Music production.

It's been fun developing and preparing new 3D models, stories, music, pixel art, etc. and I'm sure I'll have a finished product in no time. I'm also looking into colaborations with some other game designers and artists, musicians, etc. To keep up with updates, follow me on facebook or SoundCloud, DeviantArt, whatever.

Thanks for the support.

- Alain Galvan

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